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It was only a matter of time before the suits based on alleged violations of the Coastal Zone Management Act made their way to Louisiana’s largest, but most desolate parish: Cameron Parish. Earlier this year, about 11 suits were filed against a number of oil, gas and pipeline companies that largely mirrored those pending in

So you have complied with your environmental management order, sampled in accordance with your coastal use permit, and think you’re done.  But you’re not.  The coastal use permit – regardless of whether general or site specific – requires that you revisit the site and provide photographs and other documentation of the site one year after

Since my June 11th post addressing coastal use permits (CUPs) in the context of environmental management orders (EMOs), I’ve learned another lesson in accounting for the timing of when a CUP will be issued and the effect the timing may have on the parties.  Even though parties have generally sought general permits, there are times