The Fifth Circuit’s recent ruling in Fallon Family, L.P. v. Goodrich Petroleum Corp. reinforces that parties to mineral leases should be very careful when drafting documents to be recorded in public records.  The case stems from a 1954 mineral lease between the Fallon Family L.P.’s predecessor in interest, as lessor, and Goodrich Petroleum, as lessee. 

A Texas court has recently carved out an exception to the Supreme Court’s ruling in United Student Aid Funds, In. v. Espinosa, 559 U.S. 260 (2010), on the finality of confirmed bankruptcy plans.  In Oklahoma State Treasurer v. Linn Operating, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas held Espinosa

Long recognized for the strength and breadth of its oil and gas practice, Gordon Arata’s bankruptcy practice is equally notable.  We highlight it today.

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schiffGerald (Jerry) Schiff served over a decade as U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for the Western District of Louisiana while occasionally sitting in the Shreveport and Alexandria Divisions as well as

For distressed mid-sized E&P and oil field service companies in Louisiana, the thought of filing a petition for chapter 11 bankruptcy relief in New York or Delaware may leave as bad a taste in the mouth as that poor cowboy who got a jar of salsa made in New York City*—and for good reason.


We recently had the opportunity to speak at the 61st Mineral Law Institute on the topic of “trending risks on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).”  One interesting topic we discussed was the increasingly common practice of conveying non-cost bearing interests (for example, overriding royalty interests, net profit interests or production payments) to working capital