In a proposed rule published yesterday in the Federal Register, the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seeks to rescind Obama-era regulations governing hydraulic fracturing on public lands.  The regulations—which were promulgated in March 2015 and later stayed before they ever took effect—would impose stringent well casing integrity requirements and increased standards

Much has been written and said recently about a hot new trend in the oil and gas industry known as Fracklogging.  “Fracklog” is the catchy new expression for the backlog of US shale wells that have been drilled but not yet completed or fracked.  More commonly referred to as “drilled but uncompleted” or “waiting on

In this period of depressed oil and gas prices, many companies are considering refracturing and/or reworking older wells to gain production at lower costs than from drilling new wells. Refracking allows companies to extract more hydrocarbons from already existing wells by recompleting the well. Nowadays, companies have better technology and are more efficient in their